Friday, December 10, 2010

Gun Cases - More About Functionality Than Style

By Shannon Hilson

The greatest features advertised about gun cases is actually associated ruggedness and functionality unlike other types of cases. No one I know of goes out to look for a pretty gun case. They all basically want solid protection for their guns.

I once heard a gun owner proudly talk about how tough his gun case was. In fact according to him, the gun case was so tough that the manufacturer gave a lifetime guarantee on it. You are entitled to a new one if your current one ever got damaged. From this, you can see into the workings of the mind of the average gun owner.

With many gun owners, there is a need for their gun cases not look so obviously like a gun case. Since many serious gun owners travel for either sport or on safaris and have to go through airports, making the gun cases look like something else (some look like golf club cases) is quite an advantage. With the security issues in our airports, you don't want to call too much attention to yourself by carrying a gun around. It is certainly more convenient and less conspicuous to have your gun case built in such a way that it does not stand out. I read of this gun case that was deigned with a tripod in mind. People just assume it contains a camera tripod.

Your gun should be able to keep your gun protectively snug when you are traveling so it does not bounce around. No mechanical device likes bouncing around.

Gun cases are made from different materials and like I said before, they are made to be tough. You would find aluminum gun cases, plastic gun cases etc. Some people use soft gun cases with their hard cases. The gun goes first into the hard case then everything goes into the soft case.

It can be a bit tricky telling a gun owner about the type of gun case to get unless of course you are a respected member of the gun owner's club. No matter how true this is, you can get a lot of information on current trends if you constantly keep in touch with what the market has on offer. If by any chance you have to purchase a new gun case, you would find how useful all those times spent keeping up to date with the gun cases on sale have been. It could be a new gun needing a special new case.

Certainly not everyone owns a gun or needs a gun case, but if and when you do, make sure your gun case can protect your gun well because even a gun, needs protection.

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