Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tips From the Pros to Making Your Own Wine

By Andrew Miller

It's one thing to purchase wine in a shop or order it, but learning how to make homemade wine using a good wine making recipe is something else entirely. Making your own wine gives you a sense of pride and enjoyment, plus you get to make something that will be different from any other wine and special. It can take some practice and some education, but once you find that good wine making recipe, you'll be set to start making wine that everyone will be envious of. But where can you find a good recipe for wine?

Local Brewery One of the best places to start, if possible, is at a local place that makes wine. While they may not share of their most 'secret' recipes, they will be able to give you tips, kits, and ideas on what to expect on your wine making journey. People there can also give advice on what to expect and what pitfalls to avoid. It's a good idea to check out your local brewery because you can get a feel for what it's like to make your own wine; you can even go on a tour in many of these places and do a bit of the work yourself!

Internet Of course the internet is an excellent resource for finding wine making recipes. The internet is a vast reservoir of knowledge and many sites have been working to gather together the best wine making recipes for people to use. The only problem with the internet is that there can be too much information to sort through and you may have to do some trial and errors before finding a recipe that will actually work as opposed to something that someone just threw together. There's also a temptation to try as many recipes as possible which can get expensive and frustrating, so it's better to just use one recipe at a time and find one that works.

Cookbooks Many cookbooks also have wine recipes, though the older ones are more liable to have it than the new ones. You can get entire books devoted just to wine and other alcohol as well. These are harder to find, but you can find them if you put some energy into it; check your bookstore for starters. You can also order cookbooks online; making them easier to find.

Ask Family! You never know what's lurking in the family attic until you ask! Many grandparents keep old wine recipes and they are usually happy to share the family secrets if you ask. You can root through old books or notes and find some really special recipes which no one else will have access to. It's also a great way to preserve a family tradition.

Finding a good wine making recipe takes time but it's worth it to get something unique which no one else will have access to, or something tasty that you have made yourself for your next dinner party. You'll get a great feeling of pride and achievement and be able to give your guests something they won't find anywhere else, at least not exactly like yours!

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