Friday, December 24, 2010

Make Your Wedding Or Birthday Really Special With A Live Band!

By Ronald Amie

A notice in the local newspaper, a popup on your computer screen or a street side signboard saying 'Live Bands Hire' is enough reasons for you to sit up and take notice and jot down the contact details quickly. The reasons behind this is the simple fact that the term 'Live Bands Hire' refer to the scope for you to hire a live music band for giving that special extra touch to all your parties.

Live Bands Hire requires considerations of a lot of factors and thus needs to be planned well in advance so that everything can be taken care of before the D Day. The first and foremost important thing is to assess type of music you want , then comes the budget you want to spend for it and lastly whether the venue has arrangements for a live band to play.

The first live bands hire factor is that of music selection. After you have decided on having a live band performing at your party, select the kind of music or genre that you want to be played. In case a fusion or variety is required, as in case of weddings, note that down as well since the band you choose will mainly be based on this point.

Then after you have decided on the type of music you would like play, look for the band that you would like to hire for your party. This second step of live bands hire is all about searching and contacts of such live bands can be got from the different sources like internet, friends, relatives, yellow pages, etc. The venue administrators or your party decorating vendors can also enlighten you on this aspect.

When you have a list of music bands, shortlist on the basis of the music they play, their cost, their reputation in the market, etc. Search for them on the net and go through their official websites scanning previous performances, reviews, etc.

Thereafter, go and meet the music bands that you have short listed. Talk to them about your preferences of music and also try to understand the kind of performances they usually do, what their plans are for your particular event and the like. Negotiate on the hire charges. After this you are bound to be sure as to which Live Band Hire would be the best for your party.

After you have zeroed in on your choice, hire the band and discuss the nitty-gritty's such as the kind of party you are having, the profile of the guests, the total time for which they will perform, jointly decide on the play list and their requirements like amount of stage space, power supply and other logistical details.

The final step in making your party a great event involves checking for infrastructural aspects like the power supply of the venue, the sound limit if any, the stage space created, dance floor if any and other such last minute details. Also, do not forget to see to the fact that there is enough parking space allotted to the music band for easy loading and offloading of their gear.

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