Saturday, December 11, 2010

Balsam Fir A Renewable Resource When Harvested Correctly

By Tony Ferraro

The main way to sustain a product making company is to never let your materials run out or dry up. So basically, as long as you have a steady flow of supplies you can keep on manufacturing products. The same is true in the business of making Christmas wreaths; normally you would have to hire people to harvest the Balsam firs. Please keep in mind that even though it is a natural supply that is easily reached by anyone, you still need to take some preventative measure.

Some people believe that because it is a tree and there are an abundance of them within forests so they can get away by thoroughly harvesting one tree before moving to another. All that is left after the harvest is just a tree with branches and hardly any boughs left. Furthermore, there are also individuals who will chop down the entire tree just to harvest boughs that are not within reach otherwise. Both of these methods are quick and easy but they are not sustainable or renewable. Most importantly, incorrect harvesting will harshly reduce the population of Balsam firs, resulting in demand surpassing the supply during the holiday season.

It's seems pretty simple to presume that for the first couple of years you can just harvest Balsam firs from a close by forest but as time passes you will have to travel deeper and further in order to locate new ones. Balsam firs need years to mature before they are mature enough to be harvested. If the circumstances are not cautiously managed, you will certainly face many tricky situations in the future.

For example, you will reach a point where you cannot produce any more Christmas wreaths due to shortage of Balsam firs for you to harvest. When it comes to that, you will either have to close up your business or buy boughs from other suppliers at a higher price. Doing so will definitely affect your overall production costs. Having said that, you should avoid any complications in the beginning and start harvesting boughs correctly.

First of all, only harvest bough that grows on the lower part of the trees and leave the upper areas alone. This allows the tree to continue growing. If you harvest the entire bough from the branch, that particular branch will be considered "dead". As a rule of thumb, the boughs you harvest should have branches that are no bigger than a pencil lead.

Secondly, be reasonable and only go for Balsam firs that are at a minimum of five feet high. At that height they are considered full-grown and can be harvested.

You will also need to apply for a permit before you are allowed to harvest Balsam firs in large quantities to create the Christmas wreaths. By requiring this, it allows the government to manage and keep track of the people who are participating in the harvesting.

Please keep in mind that it takes many years to reinstate the boughs that we harvested. There isn't any way to increase the rapidness of the process and will only further damage your own business if you harvest the boughs carelessly. The best way to maintain your Christmas wreath making business is by harvesting the Balsam firs with the right methods.

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