Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We Have A Marvelous Area In Our Garden For Open Air Barbequeing

By Ben Murray

I have collected more new furniture today. There's been quite a bit of buying happening lately and I've just had a phone conversation with my bank who have been caught by surprise as I rarely shop and they stopped my cards. But in recent weeks we have bought a new TV, a monitor for my laptop, a new office chair and the desk that I collected today. The highlight was the purchase of a new cooker range on Saturday which is set to be delivered when we have our new kitchen installed in October.

Earlier this year I purchased a new bbq once we'd seen a weather forecast for a excellent weekend in April. We had a gas bbq with 3 burners and a side burner which has been put to excellent use over the period of the spring and summer. We needed to change the old kettle charcoal bbq which was old, rusty and frankly too small. We only used it occasionally and just for the couple of us as it wasn't really large cook for any more.

What is really insane is that our garden has a purpose built bbq area which is an extension of the patio, up a couple of stairs and has a brick base for putting a bbq on and a pair of of shelves on either side and stone seats that line the wall. And we've only used it once. We used to have a portable charcoal bbq which sat on the bricks but was only made of very thin steel and the bottom of it was burnt through in just a few uses. The one time we make use of the bbq area was when we threw a leaving party before we left for Australia for a year and a lot of friends came and we required the patio space. And the reason why we don't use it much is because whoever designed and built it didn't think it through and put it in the wrong place because any time you want to use it, the sun has moved round the other side of the house and doesn't really get on it anyway, which means that it's does not really heat up enough to sit on. It's a splendid feature, just not usable.

Now we have a nice sized gas bbq but it lives on the patio and it not the bbq space as it has its own legs and there isn't really enough room up there for it. Mrs Izzard is set on an idea of having a terrace at the other end of the garden, as the lawn over there is always a bit tatty on account of the three Leylandii trees that stand there and take out all the water and drop their needles making the earth over there rather acidic. To do something with that space would be good as it would be a reason to get shot of the trees which I'm astounded that the people who live on the other side of them have never complained as they must keep the sun out of their garden during the afternoons. Perhaps they aren't great sun worshippers.

But that's for another year, what with replacement doors and windows last month and the new kitchen in October, that's more than enough for now.

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