Saturday, December 25, 2010

Choosing Closet Designs for Wardrobes

By John Defoe

Have you ever tried to leave from home, without the same color of socks? How many times you went to the office, wearing a skirt that is dreadfully unfit to the color of your jeans? It seems it's the right time to re-arrange your closet. A well designed wardrobe closet will obviously save space, disappointment and time.

There are many designs that you can choose for your wardrobe. The built-in design is good for a wider range of wardrobe wherein you can have it built from floor to ceiling to accommodate all your things. A wooden structure is best for this kind of wardrobe because it is more durable and lasting.

You can have a wider space for your hangers and shoe racks and you can have many drawers on one side with your private things hidden and on the other will be good for putting your little fancies like belts, bags, wallets , etc. You can even have tiny shelves where you can put your array of novels as your collections. Some valuables things that you seldom use may be put on the most upper part of your wardrobe.

Wardrobes can be extended up to the bathroom if the room is spacious enough. Those who have luxury taste have their own wardrobes in their dressing rooms though some often have their wardrobes right inside their bedrooms.

Organizing by color is also another means in arranging your clothes. For you can easily find whatever you need because obviously, most of your shirts and blouses differ in color, that way it is more convenient for you to choose your style.

A bathroom is more often a very small place, so it is recommended not to fill it with too much furniture and big objects. Shelves can be used to maximize the space available in a small area like a toilet, and it will help things to make neat and clean. Drawers help store make up and face powder from getting mix up in a jumble. An interior designer can also add small cabinets to keep tissues, towels and other type cloth. For it is good to keep these items in cabinets with openers or doors to absorb humid. In medicines and cleaning products, it is better to keep them on high shelves away from children's reach. It is far safer to place them on higher cabinets rather than beside the toilet bowl or under a sink.

Built-in wardrobes are usually designed from floor to ceiling giving more space for little things on the upper space. It has wider range too and the cover goes with the wall which gives a deceiving look as if it's just a plain wall.

Choosing your own wardrobe is indeed a very exciting. You will not only have a well organized set up of your things but it will also give your room more space and more orderly setting. It will have a big slice in your budgeting but it is all worth the price once you have it done.

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