Sunday, December 5, 2010

Can a Video Game Help You Lose Weight

By Mike Allen

Gaming platforms now have their users moving and that has opened them up for the fitness industry. It is not very shocking to see a release of The Biggest Loser on the home console. Reality television is a big hit and it is one of the top shows on TV. One of the best things about the Biggest Loser is the vast number of people who have been affected by the show in a positive way.

The Biggest Loser video game tries to capture that same type of magic from the TV show and bring it over to the home console and with the upcoming xbox360 kinect release date there is one question that people need to ask about the game and that is: does it work?

The first part of the game is developing a routine that will be specifically for you. An avatar is created for each individual. Then pick a contestant from the show that you are most similar to. Then you have to choose one of the two professionals who are on the show. Each individual will be able to develop a plan that is adjusted for their own needs and wants. It is possible for a person to use this game as a way to learn about how to make the right choices. When all you want to do is get a regular exercise routine on a regular basis, that is also possible.

The game begins with a chart that recommends the amount of food that a person should take in based on their goals. It also lets you track what you have actually consumed through putting it into the program, and there are a nice variety of exercises here for you to partake in that utilize the Wii Balance Board, as well as the other Wii controllers or the new xbox360 kinect system.

An individual who plays the game will be able to score points based on what they do. There is more to this game than to try to outscore your opponent. People will find that it is more about losing weight than scoring points. The high scorer is not necessarily the winner. Instead of being a game that is about beating an opponent, a person should concentrate on using it to get them to the body shape they want.

The biggest loser also keeps a journal of what a person does. It tells you what you should be putting into your body to achieve your weight loss goals. This is where the game truly shines. It teaches a person what is the right things to do and helps show them a path to doing the right things.

People can invest a small fortune into the platforms and the titles that come with them. There are better ways to spend your money when you are looking for a weight loss program than this. For people who only expect the game to be a part of their fitness routine, it can provide some benefits. The game is not perfect as a standalone fitness game due to its lack of exercises. It is a lot of fun and very helpful.

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