Thursday, December 9, 2010

Digital Cameras Best Buys reviews three great digital cameras

By Angela Sapiana

A Digital Cameras Best Buys review set. There are several digital camera companies that make small point and shoot cameras. Among them have risen Sony, Samsung and Toshiba. Here's our take on where these three digital camera companies sit with their current, best camera.

Samsung Digital Cameras: One of my favorite Samsung cameras is the Samsung Digital Camera DIGIMAX S1000. This is a simple "point and shoot" camera, requiring very little focusing. Unlike other cameras of the same size, the DIGIMAX S1000 has 10.1 mega pixels , a vast improvement in the quality of your color photos. Some of its other features are "Color Effect" "Highlight" and "Photo Frame." I would recommend this camera for the amateur, backyard photographer skilled in digital photography and web manipulation.

Toshiba Digital Cameras: Toshiba cameras are traditionally of very good quality, with excellent memory capacity. If you're annoyed each time you run out of memory, get a Toshiba with an SD card and that shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you don't get one of the High Performance SD cards though, the Toshiba can't read those. I would not recommend these cameras for professional work because they lack the sheer power of Sony - they are great amateur cameras.

Sony has cornered the market on mid-tier, fantastic cameras. They are not only user-friendly, but normally carry many good features. The Sony Cybershot DSC-T10 is a fantastic 7.2 mega-pixel camera. Sony knows that 7.2 mega-pixels look great on Facebook, in 4x6's and e-mailed on mobile phones. 10.1 is often not necessary. The DSC-T10 does come with a memory stick like the Toshiba model - but people who like the Toshiba model will find the Sony to be quite technical. It's many features and large instruction manual could be cumbersome to many.

For reviews on other cameras, features and digital photography visit Its a website chock full of reviews, summaries, best buy links and user feedback. There aren't too many other "information-based" sites that compare.

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