Thursday, December 2, 2010

Info About Indian Casinos In Southern California

By Lisa Davidson

The current total of Indian casinos in Southern California amounts to 26. Most of these 26 are located in either San Diego or Riverside. Riverside has 9 Indian casinos and San Diego has 12.

There's also the question about how many slots each casino has. In fact, 45 percent of the total slot machines in the Golden State are to be found in these two counties. That's 45 percent of 63,835 slot machines spread around in 58 casinos in California. So the San Diego & Riverside casinos actually have more slots per casino (on average) than other places in California.

If that's not enough, more casinos are in the planning phase. At least 10 more are slated to be operational soon at different locations in California, including San Diego. San Diego is more or less the casino capital of California.

Of all these gazillion casinos and slot machines, the one that towers over all the rest is the Viejas Casino and Turf Club in Alpine. 2,500 slots and other casino games and facilities occupy 210,000 square feet at Viejas. Said facilities include 5 different types of restaurants offering everything from Chinese to buffets and cafe food.

Next in line is Valley Center, which has two large casinos in Harrah's Rincon (1,600 slot machines) & Valley View (1,750 slot machines). Harrah's Rincon also happens to be a full fledged resort fro travelers. It has a 653 room hotel with seven restaurants including an oyster bar.

Riverside County's most famous Indian Casinos are the Spa Resort Casino in Palm Springs and the Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella. The Spa Resort has 1,000 machines. Spotlight 29 is a 110,000 sq ft casino with 2,000 slot machines and is open 24 hours.

Spotlight 29 is not just one of the Indian casinos in Southern California. It also happens to be a very popular nightlife hotspot and an event venue to boot. It has the 'Showroom' where concerts and sports games, conventions, trade shows etc are held. It also has a popular nightlife entertainment club in Blue Bar with DJs and live bands.

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