Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Non Profit Web Hosting

By Musa Aykac

Non profit web hosting can be a great choice for charities and other non profit organisations. These cheap web hosting solutions can offer a reliable service at a reasonable price without expecting you to provide free ad space. Most of these non profit web hosting solutions will involve some type of fee but it is usually a lot less than the going rate for standard web hosting.

Non Profit Web Hosting Vs Free Web Hosting.

There are so many free web hosting solutions to be found these days on the internet. This might seem like the ideal solution for non-profits, but digging a little under the surface will usually show that these aren't such a great deal. Although this type of hosting states that it is free, it does not mean that you don't have to pay another way. What this usually involves is you providing space for advertisements on your site and this is not appealing for most non-profit organisations. Its a real shame but quite often, the advertisements that are placed on the website will contradict the message of the website and this is really not something that you would want. One of the other problems with free web hosting is the fact that the host will normally provide a template which must be used and these templates are often quite amateurish and the service can be quite bad.

When you choose a non profit web hosting provider you do not have to use a set template and you will not have to worry about advertisements placed on the site.

This will mean that your promotional activities will have more impact because this type of website will be much more effective. If you are currently in the position of looking for web hosting for a non profit organisation then this will certainly be one option you will want to consider.

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