Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What Else Can You Collect And Sell Aside From Baseball Cards?

By Oscar Herbert

A true baseball collectible enthusiast would be interested beyond the usual trading cards. Baseball caps, baseballs, and bobble heads are among the other things now gaining popularity in the sports memorabilia market these days.

The most cherished and valued form of baseball collectible would be the autograph - nothing beats the thrill of walking into the stadium and having an all-time great or present-day All-Star sign a baseball, a cap, or any other piece of merchandise.

But for many fans of the sport, baseball collectibles can only be obtained through online purchases or the occasional gift a loved one presented to them. Another way that memorabilia can be acquired would be through tradition - for instance, a baseball signed by Joe DiMaggio could be passed from generation to generation to generation, while increasing in value.

The main reason that makes baseball memorabilia so valuable is the monetary cost. Baseball is America's favorite past time, and baseball collectibles often provide fond memories of warm summer nights and good times spent with friends and family.

Baseball fans, in general, aren't too concerned about Dodgers vs Giants in the '50s or Mets vs Braves in the '80s, for instance - they just look at the value of the baseball collectible, regardless of the associated team.

The present-day collector of baseball memorabilia is concerned with much more than the standard set of baseball trading cards. Many collectors gather pennants, pins and old-time equipment to add to their growing list of baseball collectibles.

You can't go wrong with baseball collectibles when it comes to items, such as caps, gloves, or baseballs signed by famous baseball players. Another worthwhile type of item would be bobble head dolls, which were most popular in the 1950s, when baseball was still America's most popular professional sport by a huge margin over everything else.

A few fans prefer to focus their energies on baseball collectibles associated with a certain major league baseball team. But most are still focused on certain players, regardless of which team he played for, as long as he ranks among the game's legends.

You may not get as much dollar value from the likes of A-Rod, Derek Jeter, or even Cal Ripken Jr., but there are collectors who go for keepsakes from more contemporary baseball heroes. You can certainly do well in the field of baseball collectibles, regardless of your preferences, because what could cost a lot of money in the market today could cost even more if your children, or even grandchildren decide to sell them when they come of age.

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