Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anthurium Plant Propagation Via Vegatative Cloning

By Zeke Morganstern

Ever wondered just how anthurium growers grow such an incredible number of anthurium blossoms each season? Well the answer is simple, they raise them on scores of plants. But how can they get such an incredible number of plants in the first place? Their secret is a method known as tissue culture. Tissue culture is a method for cloning plants. For this reason, every anthurium of a given kind seems so very much the same. It's because they are genetically equivalent clones.

The tissue culture method commences with the grower picking out the best, most attractive anthurium that he can locate. Selecting the best possible flower is crucial for the reason that simply no one would like a million copies of trash. If the grower is about to invest the time and money to make a huge number of copies, you may be positive that he really wants to locate the most stunning plant to duplicate. As soon as this valued plant is selected, the grower takes it to a lab.

Inside the laboratory, a technician first checks that this specimen is disease-free and then snips off a small piece of it. He'll then sanitize the sample and place it in a beaker containing an agar based media that is saturated with special plant hormones which trigger the specimen to form a callus, which is an undifferentiated mass of tissue.

The callus is divided into numerous portions and then permitted to develop again. This method is replicated several times. When enough plant material is produced, the calluses are transplanted to growing media which contains a different set of plant hormones that cause the undifferentiated tissues to turn into roots and shoots. This causes numerous baby plants to sprout from each callus.

Once the baby plants have become massive enough, they are transplanted to fresh beakers to grow further. When they have reached a size where they can survive in open air, they're taken out of the beakers and transplanted into larger containers. For a while, these brand new plants are permitted to develop in the managed conditions of a plant nursery. Immediately after they have grown massive enough and adjusted to developing inside the open air, they're returned to the farm and planted in the fields at the farm.

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