Friday, December 3, 2010

Having An Accurate Paintball Barrel

By Jerry Mcgregor

Paintball barrels are used to locate the paintball and to shoot it to perfection. Aiming of players is done with the help of this paintball barrel. Gas pockets are provided behind the paintball barrel for controlling the shooting stroke. The diameter of the bore of the paintball barrel varies for the different size of the paintballs used.

This paint ball barrels comes several styles and lengths. Depending upon the wish of the player the length and the styles of the barrels are chosen. Sliding and screwing type of the paintball barrels are generally used. Threads used for the barrels are shocker, spyder, A-5, etc.

The paintball barrels come in three types of models. The types of models are one piece model, two piece models and the three piece model. The difference in these types of models in that the positioning and the number of paintball kept in the barrel can be varied. The general configuration used all over is the two or three piece models.

Since it is used for the accuracy aspect of the game, some specifications should be strictly followed in order to make the player feel more comfortable. The length factor should be considered a lot. Usually it must vary from 3 -31 inches. But more silent shooting the length can go up to 48 inches.

Mostly players will choose their barrel length to be around 14 and 16 inches. The reason for this is to make accurate shootings and also to make it more portable. Inflatable bunkers can be pushed easily during the course of the game if you use a long barrel. This is an advantage of the paintball barrel.

Finally the most important specification of the paintball barrel is the bore diameter of the barrel inside which your paintball is located. If the diameter does not match correctly, then there will be inaccurate shooting and also a change in the velocity of the paint ball.

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