Friday, December 3, 2010

The Veliki Brat Show - Siberia's Most Sizzling Reality show!

By Maxine J. Deluca

The Veliki Brat stands for the Serbian Big Brother and this show was born in the 2006 and only Serbian people participated. The Serbian people in fact liked the show and It gained a lot of success among the people year by year: the last season will end in 2010. The 2010 edition has accepted numerous celebrities, included business managers, not only Serbia, but from Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well.

The Big Brother in Serbia copies the original one, adding some Serbian aspects to make it autochthonous. The place of the show is the same used in the past years, apart from the internal furniture, which is different in every edition and the Veliki Brat 2011 season is expected to have a different interior. There are twelve or so guests invited every season where each participant is eliminated weekly based on the outcome of certain tasks they have been given and the other participant is declared the winner. The rules of the show are altered a little bit sometimes to keep the show interesting and keep the viewers hooked, which till now does seem like a winning formula which is clearly visible in the steady increase in ratings.

All the participants have to spend a designated amount of time in the house without any touch with the outside world, not even their families or friends. All the people within the houses are not allowed to be informed about what's going on in the world and they cannot use any communication system, or read or watch television: the only type of relation they can have is with the other housemates. With such restrictions, emotions are jump to fly and tempers are expected to erupt with all other juicy tit bits in between. The real test for all these participants come in when they have to pact with each other.

With such booming seasons and one season being better that the other the viewers hope are pegged on Veliki Brat 2011 coming up with something unique and original to meet with their high hopes from the show. More celebrities are going to be the characters of the next season show and the tasks will be interesting in order to raise the acceptance of the public audience.

The popularity of the show can be gauged from its fan following on the official website as well as on its social profiles on the internet where keen followers share their views and updates about the current happening during the season. The Serbian Veliki Brat has got a particular group of public, ensuring a TV amusement that follows the international standards.

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