Friday, December 3, 2010

Pop Quiz: As Seen on TV

By Trevor Ranger

As an as seen on tv fan I have tried numerous products over the past 20 plus years. I remember the day of the Ronco fisherman and the first chia pet.

As Seen on TV infomercials have been around for a long time now and have become part of television and marketing history. If you are a fan like me of TV infomercials and are old enough you may remember inventor Ron Popeil peddling products on the tube. He started it all and who can forget the Chop-O-Matic, the Sit-On Trash Compactor or the Pocket Fisherman.

I thought it would be fun to create an As Seen on TV Trivia post to see how you fair.

If you enjoy infomercials with Vince the Shamwow guy, Anthony Sullivan and the late great pitchman himself Billy Mays then you should do real well here.

Here we go I am having fun already.

First question, this is an easy one, what is the name of the famous original blanket with Sleeves?
(a.) Spankie (b.) Blankie (c.) Snugglie (d.) Snuggie

Second Question, what is the famous ab machine created by celebrity fitness trainer an international super model Jennifer Nicole Lee?
(a.) Ab Climber (b.) Ab Rocket (c.) Ab Circle Pro (d.) Ab Glider

Third Question, what President did they make a Chia Pet after?
(a.) Bush (b.) Carter (c.) Clinton (d.) Obama

Fourth Question, who took over the series Pitchmen after Billy Mays past?
(a.) Vince (b.) Sully (c.) Jake

Fifth Question, Body By ?
(a.) Vince (b.) Sully (c.) Jake (d.) John

Sixth and Final Question, which TV product reminds you of snookie from the jersey shore tv show?
(a.) Slique (b.) Bumpits (c.) Thin N Sexy (d.) Strap Perfect

As Seen on TV Trivia answers. Ok, Lets see how you did. Question one this was to easy the answer (a.) Snuggie! Question two this one was a little tough as all those products do exist and they are all ab machines although Jennifer Nicole Lee created one of those and that was the (c.) Ab Circle Pro! Question three, yes believe it or not there was and is a Chia Obama Pet! I wish there was a Bush one that would be funny the Chia Bush. Question number four, after Billy May's passing away Anthony Sullivan took over as the main man of the As Seen on TV world. Tough shoes to fill. Question number five if you have not heard it enough it is body by Jake! Question number six the final question of this trivia shindig. I thought this was a funny one as every time I see Bumpits I think who would pay to have hair like that, oh well to each their own.

How did you do! I hope you enjoyed this pop quiz and stay tuned for more tv trivia.

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