Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Mobile Universe

By Everett Davis

We all know what cell phones are. Most of us own one and use it on a daily basis. Cell phones belong to the incredible area of mobile communications.

Mobile communications include any electronic device that is used solely to communicate to another by way of a network and satellite. These are also known as "cell sites" and today, there are many of them. The first mobile phone first rose to the surface in 1973. It was invented by a man named Dr. Martin Cooper who worked for Motorola. His model wasn't released to the public until 1983.

Like all mobile communications, cell phones have greatly evolved over the years. The original model was based on the two-ray radio. It's pretty amazing to think that the size of a two-way radio has shrunk to today's tiny, hand-held phone in just a little over thirty years. Today's cell phones also have many more capabilities than the original two-way radio and Dr. Cooper's 1973 design. Today's phones come standard with Internet access, instant and text messaging, games, Bluetooth capabilities, and GPS and camera functions.

Mobile communications have even further evolved with Smartphones. Smartphones include specifically the Blackberry and iPhone. These Smartphones have all capabilities and functions in one hand held device. They have Internet access, email, calendar and camera functions, text messaging and instant messaging, and GPS capabilities. What else could you ask for in a phone?

Smartphones also have applications. Applications, or "Apps" are small, fun programs available for download to your Smartphone. Applications include everything from the Weather Channel to sales at your favorite shoe store. They are useful tools to look up information or receive notifications rather than looking up the site on the Web.

The telephony industry and mobile communications are one of the top industries today. In 1990 only approximately 12.4 million people were cell phones subscribers compared to 2009 when 4.6 billion were cell phone subscribers. In just a little under twenty years, the amount of people subscribing to cellular plans and purchasing cell phones grew exponentially. Now we have become a society that cannot live without them.

Even though cell phones and Smartphones are one of our favorite gadgets and accessories, there are some downfalls that we can't ignore. Unfortunately the use of cell phones has posed a danger to our lives. There have been thousands of motor vehicle accidents due to drivers either talking or texting on their phones while driving. Sure, cell phones are fun to use and we enjoy talking and texting with our family and friends, but they aren't worth risking our lives.

Mobile communications and the telephony industry have rapidly changed our lives. Since we rely so much on cell phones, it is very difficult to think about what life would be like without them. They didn't even exist in society thirty years ago. We probably all wonder what the new cell phone or Smartphone will be like in another twenty years.

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