Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do I Leave the Band On My Cigar?

By Ryder Sabot

Few things are as satisfying and relaxing as leaning back in a comfortable chair and smoking a nice cigar, letting the rich aroma and great taste help you relax. Those who are new to smoking cigars are going to have quite a few questions when it comes to the proper etiquette and methodology involved. Should you choose a Zippo pipe lighter for your cigar? What brand of cigar should you try first? Should you remove the band around the cigar or leave it on as you smoke?

Should they remove the band that is on the cigar or should they leave it on? While this might seem like a trivial question, you might be surprised at just how important it is. When it comes to cigar etiquette, you will find that there are certain things you should do and certain things that are considered rude. If you are only smoking your cigar at home, and you don't have a lot of friends over, then you can feel free to leave the label on the cigar. However, when you are smoking around others who know a thing or two about cigars, you should take the band off.

The band acts as a label, and this label can tell others everything about the cigar. They will know the type of cigar, they will know where it was made, and they will even have a good idea of how much you spend on the cigar. Knowing all of these things can give people a preconceived impression of you as a person.

Those individuals that are unable to pay as much for a cigar may feel a twinge of jealousy that you certainly did not intend. You could inadvertently cause people to form an opinion of you without them even knowing you.

All of the different rules of etiquette are things that you will learn over time. Taking the band off your cigar is easy. In many cases, you will be able to slip the band off the cigar even before you light it. However, you will find that the label will come off even easier when you light the cigar and smoke for a moment " it loosens the band and will make it quite simple to slip off the cigar so that you can discard it.

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