Saturday, December 4, 2010

Writing from the Heart

By Todd Rutherford

Pastor, speaker, and author of You Want Me to... What? Risking Life Change to Answer God's Call, Norm Grant, writes from the heart, encouraging readers to step outside of the ordinary in their lives and let God into their lives. In writing this book, he was responding to God's voice as he encourages us to do: "God put this on my heart to share with others... It's in the sharing that we, in turn, are inspired to grow and develop to our greatest potential." Grant's deep belief that the greatest lessons and discoveries of life "not only about who we are but our life purpose as well, come from sharing stories and experiences with others" inspired him to write this book, expanding his audience from his from his local community to the world.

His first book has touched the hearts of many and inspired people all over the world, from all walks of life and spiritual backgrounds, to hear and respond to the call of God, encouraging, equipping, and empowering them to "live their lives to their greatest God-given potential." He intends to broaden his audience by speaking to people all over the world sharing his story "so that those who heard it would be guided and inspired towards a life-changing encounter with the living God."

Grant's initial preparation for You Want Me to... What? - Risking Life Change to Answer God's Call took nine months, researching both biblical components and pop culture to find quotes and illustrations that "added to the overall theme of the book, adding to his engaging writing style by putting his messages on a real level to which anyone can relate. His pop culture references, ranging from Facebook pages to U2 and Mr. Holland's Opus, transform the Bible from a static, sometimes esoteric work with which we are all familiar, into a new, animated interpretation we find applicable to our own lives and one to which we can easily relate.

He cites inspiration from such heavenly sources as Jesus Christ and the disciples, but also from the earthly human inspiration of those who dare to leave their comfort zones to make a impact in the world, "where they risk doing something that results in real meaningful life-change and transformation."

These earthly inspirations of stepping outside of our boundaries is what Grant's book is all about, instructing us to make the time for God, hear His call, take the daunting leap into faith, outside of our comfort zones, into a fulfilled life with God. Grant continues to work on his next book, which God has put on his heart, propagating his powerful message and meaningful life's work. For more information, visit

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